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About Ted

Most of us have had the experience of walking into a gallery or museum and being struck by the phenomenon of “found object art.” From Picasso to Warhol, artists of the 20th century found that contemporary objects, sometimes reshaped or reapplied, become the subject of an artist’s expression about present society. Painter and sculptor Ted Emrick typifies the use of found objects as tools and combines them with contemporary material to create intriguing art that depicts his vision of California society.

As a painter, Emrick’s visions are uniquely expressed, because each of his images are painted on glass which, with the use bonding materials, creates textured paint, depth, and contrast on the smooth glass surface. His most intriguing pieces are often painted on discarded windows of buildings more than 100 years old. By applying his contemporary theme to glass that has a history, Emrick reshapes and rethinks the past.

As a sculptor, Emrick’s work is even more complex. Through manipulation of industrial materials, he converts utilitarian objects into contemporary visions of beauty. Natural beauty. It is quite amazing how the manmade objects come to life and remind us of nature and the beauty it bestows. Examples include chandeliers and large glass wall installations.

Emrick’s appreciation and respect of nature, particularly the ocean, stems from growing up a water baby in Southern California. Mindful of light, motion, time, and life, he creates a powerful artistic style that captivates the viewer. One of his projects drew inspiration and insight from a cave paintings expedition that resulted in a series of sculptures depicting how we may be seen thousands of years from now. Emrick finessed a fine balance between current and primitive visual storytelling.

Staying true to his beachside upbringing, Emrick resides in Los Osos, California, where he runs a large art studio that occasionally hosts other famous artists. His multi-media background has opened the doors—including his own handmade glass doors—to many contemporary projects and numerous challenges.

“As an artist I have found that I can’t get too comfortable; I must continue to take risks to create works that stimulate your mind and fascination and discovery,” Emrick says. “If the electrical currents in the brain that control creative ‘discoveries’ are energized, then your mind will open to adventures produced by your own creative juices.” It is no wonder that he has received numerous scholarships and awards from respected institutions.

Since graduating from San Francisco Art Institute, Emrick’s work has been highly sought after not only by famous collectors (see below), but also galleries throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including Third Dimension Gallery (Kona, HI), Phillips Gallery (San Jose, CA), Cody Gallery (Los Olivos, CA), The Gallery at Ventana (Big Sur and Carmel, CA), and Cambria Glassworks (Cambria, CA).

Well-known collectors of Emrick’s Art

Merv Griffin (1925-2007)

Apple Computers

Caesar’s Palace

Beverly Hills Nikko Hotel

Chicago O’Hare Hilton

Albuquerque Hyatt Regency

Berkeley Library, San Francisco, CA

Museum of Natural Arts, Santa Maria, CA


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